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For My Next Trick I Will Build a PC

Once all of the parts of my new computer finally came in the mail, including the replacement computer case I set about building the pieces.

In order to prep I watched this lovely video, care of Newegg. – Side note. Is Newegg supposed to be two words or not? Is it Newegg or New Egg?

It wasn’t really hard at all. The toughest thing was figuring out which direction some of the single-prong plugs were supposed to go. This is what motherboard manuals are for. This is also why the trial and error method of problem solving exists. It was cool and pretty fun putting all the pieces together. I love the click when the plugs lock into place. It’s so fulfilling!

Of course the build was not without a hiccup. Everything was plugged in, but when I did the test boot the lights and fans would turn on for a second then turn off again. After a pretty long while of unplugging everything and plugging things in one at a time, the solution became apparent. Everything was connected except for the plug that gives power to the processor. Hahaha! When I was pressing the on button I was basically just turning the fans on and off over and over again. So, yeah, don’t forget that the processor needs power too. Ya know, because it makes everything go.

The thing that surprised me the most about putting together the computer is how long it took to install the operating system. For some reason I thought it was going to be really quick. It wasn’t. And then there were a lot of updates to install. This took longer than the physical building itself. By a lot if you don’t count the time spent discovering that the processor wasn’t getting power, which I suppose you should count. But some of that time was actually just me watching the last half hour of Mean Girls.

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