A New Operating System

Soon I will get all of the parts for my brand new PC in the mail. A friend will help me put it together and Windows 7 will be installed on it. And I never ever thought this would happen.

Like most kids who grew up in the 90’s, my family always had PCs. The first computer I ever used ran Windows 95. My dad works with computers so of course we updated to Windows 98, 2000, and XP.

In fact I wasn’t even aware of Apple’s existence until 2002 when my sixth grade Social Studies classroom suddenly had two old Power Macs. These computers were extremely confusing. I mean, why didn’t the disc drive have an eject button? You mean I have to press eject on the computer screen? How does that make sense? I didn’t understand why there wasn’t a start button and how you were supposed to find programs without that. I tried using these machines once or twice then gave up entirely. I only went by the classroom computers one other time, when a friend and I doodled on the bottom of the table the computers were on.

All of my family’s computers would get extremely slow after a few years of use and they seemed to crash a lot. Several years of pictures are completely gone thanks to one of these crashes. I dare you to try to find pictures of me from ages 13-15. I dare you. So finally in 2007 my family gave up on Windows.

By this time I was the only one still living at home, my two sisters were in college with Macbooks and my brother didn’t own a computer. My parents and I got a Macbook Pro and I loved it. I could listen to music on iTunes with headphones anywhere I wanted. I could type papers late at night in my bedroom. I could edit videos with Final Cut Express. It ran so much faster than our old computer. It was shiny. It was pretty. It was new!

When I graduated in 2008 I got my own Macbook for college. There was no discussion about prices or what I intended to use it for. I wanted one because that’s what we had and I hadn’t had any of the traumatic experiences with it that I’d had as a child with slow PCs. My sisters had them. I had been told they were better and I believed it. I didn’t think of asking for evidence. I really believed Macs were better. Of course I’ve looked down at PC users since then. Almost every Mac user does, even if they don’t want to admit it. But the tables are turning again. I’m headed back to using a PC. And, boy, am I excited!

Stay tuned to find out why I’m so excited to make the switch!

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8 thoughts on “A New Operating System

  1. David says:

    What operating system will you put on the computer? Windows 7 or windows 8?

  2. kb8ild says:

    I know this sounds a bit weird, but keep a copy of Ubuntu on a CD just in case. I think you’ll like the interface and most things work out of the box. I grew up in the late 80’s with Tandy Computers and Commodore and things of that nature. I found that keeping multiple operating systems around just in case works out very well. I even have a few on a flash drive I call my Geek Toolbox. 🙂 What hardware are you getting?

    • sarahsayswan says:

      Ubuntu, eh? I’ve only ever heard of it. Is it able to run Microsoft based files? Or do you have to download a whole different slew of applications for it?
      As for what hardware I got, I don’t want to spoil it. I’m working on a whole post dedicated to that for later this week.

      • kb8ild says:

        Ubuntu is a complete operating system that can fit on a CD. Just download it and burn it to a cd (all instructions are at ubuntu.com) and boot from it. It has a lot of different programs already installed and I keep a few CD’s around just in case I can’t boot into Windows to retrieve files that I need. Think of it as a safety net just in case.

      • sarahsayswan says:

        Oh wow. That’s kind of amazing. I’m definitely going to keep one on hand. Thanks!

      • kb8ild says:

        Not a problem. Can’t wait to see your desktop build. Keep me posted!

  3. cynicthnkr says:

    My friends and I were always with windows so I can’t really relate but I hope you will like the windows 7 as much as we do.
    BTW windows 8 will be replacing start menu with metro.

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